How to Get Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest



How to Get Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest

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To get a Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest, you can find turtles near bodies of water. Killing a turtle will drop its shell, which you can use for crafting.

In this survival game, gathering resources is essential for your survival and progress. By knowing how to obtain items like the Turtle Shell, you can enhance your gameplay experience. Understanding the mechanics of collecting materials and utilizing them strategically will help you thrive in the challenging environment of Sons of the Forest.

With the right tools and knowledge, you can navigate the game world effectively and achieve your objectives.

How to Get Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest


Finding Turtle Nests

To find turtle nests and obtain turtle shells in Sons of the Forest, explore coastal areas and sandy beaches, where turtles often lay their eggs. Look for mounds of sand, and carefully dig to uncover the nests. Once you find a nest, you can collect the shells to use in crafting and building.

Collecting Turtle Eggs

Collecting turtle eggs in Sons of the Forest is an essential part of the game, providing valuable resources for survival. Knowing how to approach the nest carefully and gather the eggs without disturbing the turtles is crucial for a successful collection.

Approaching The Nest Carefully

When approaching a turtle nest, move slowly and avoid making sudden movements to prevent scaring off the turtles. Keep a distance from the nest and observe the surroundings for any potential threats that could disturb the turtles. Stay quiet to avoid causing unnecessary stress to the nesting turtles.

Gathering The Eggs

Once you have carefully approached the nest, identify the eggs and assess the situation to ensure the turtles are not agitated. Gently scoop the eggs into your inventory, being mindful not to disrupt the nest or harm the eggs. Handle the eggs with care to avoid damaging them, as they are valuable resources for crafting and survival.

Crafting With Turtle Shells

To obtain turtle shells in Sons of the Forest, players must successfully hunt and harvest turtles. These shells can then be used for crafting various items, adding a unique and valuable aspect to the game. Gathering turtle shells provides a rewarding opportunity for players to enhance their survival skills and expand their crafting options.

Crafting with Turtle Shells is an essential aspect of Sons of the Forest. These shells are a valuable resource that players can use to create various items that can help them survive in the game. Some of the essential items that can be crafted with turtle shells include building shelters, creating water collectors, and crafting armor. In this section, we’ll focus on crafting with turtle shells and explore how players can use them to build shelters and create water collectors.

Building Shelters

Building shelters is crucial in Sons of the Forest as it provides a safe place for players to rest and recover. Turtle shells can be used to build shelters by combining them with sticks and logs. To craft a shelter, players need to collect four turtle shells, six sticks, and five logs. Once players have collected these items, they need to open the crafting menu and select the shelter option. This will allow them to combine the items to create a shelter.

Creating Water Collectors

Water is a vital resource in Sons of the Forest, and players need to ensure they have a steady supply. Turtle shells can be used to create water collectors that players can use to collect rainwater. To craft a water collector, players need to collect one turtle shell, one rope, and one plastic container. Once they have these items, they need to open the crafting menu and select the water collector option. This will allow them to combine the items to create a water collector. In conclusion, crafting with turtle shells is an essential aspect of Sons of the Forest. Players can use these shells to create various items, including building shelters and creating water collectors. By utilizing these items, players can survive and thrive in the game.
How to Get Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest


Other Uses For Turtle Shells

When playing Sons of the Forest, acquiring a turtle shell can be a valuable asset, serving various purposes beyond its primary use as armor. In this guide, we’ll explore the other uses for turtle shells, shedding light on their versatility in the game.

As A Weapon

Turtle shells can be utilized as an effective weapon in Sons of the Forest. When thrown, they can inflict damage on enemies, making them a useful tool for self-defense or hunting. The shell’s durability and weight make it a formidable makeshift weapon in the game.

As A Decorative Item

Aside from their practical uses, turtle shells can also serve as decorative items. Players can utilize them to adorn their shelters or display them as trophies, adding a touch of authenticity to their in-game living spaces. Additionally, they can be used as components in crafting decorative items, enhancing the visual appeal of the player’s environment.

How to Get Turtle Shell in Sons of the Forest



To sum up, acquiring turtle shells in Sons of the Forest can be challenging but rewarding. By exploring caves and beaches diligently, you can gather these valuable resources for crafting. Remember to stay patient and persistent in your search to enhance your gameplay experience.

Happy hunting!

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